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I have created an account!

2016-12-31 20:13:22 by Me3001

Account created!


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2016-12-31 20:31:44

thumbs up


2016-12-31 20:45:14

Welcome to the jungle


2016-12-31 20:46:36

Welcome to the awesomist place mon just kidding i'm not Jamaican!


2016-12-31 21:12:19

Hey Welcome! Since your new around here, let me tell you a few things:

1. Newgrounds is made by some awesome Musicians(such as myself), Game devs, artists, and more.
so do give them some love by clicking on the heart icon next to the fans button. helps out a lot
2. if you want to contribute? Thats great! the more the Merrier! but understand this, only post stuff you made by yourself or with a friend... cuz we have a problem with people taking work not made by them and posting it here... thats copyright law and will be violated by moderation team :(
3. don't let that scare you though, what matters is you enjoy yourself and make some new friends... cuz newgrounds is a fun place and having friends with you is even funner!
Thats all to say! so Enjoy and have Fun!


2016-12-31 21:19:41

alright ive been here for 16 years